What is the Sell/Buy Ratio?

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While defining your "Products/Materials" in shopVOX you can define the Sell/Buy ratio.

What is it?

Sell/Buy ratio is the conversion between your Selling Units and Buying Units. How many selling units per buying unit?

Example 1:

If you sell a Coroplast by sqft, but buy it as a sheet... this is how you would define that material in shopVOX

Buying Unit - Sheet

Selling Unit - Sqft.

Buying - Height: 48", Width=96"

The Sell/Buy ratio in this case is equal to 32, meaning there are 32 sqft in one sheet of this size (height x width /144).

Example 2:

Let's say you buy materials in a Box and there are 100 widgets per box.

Selling Units - Unit

Buying Units - Box

Sell/Buy ratio - 100

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