What are Sales Leads?

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Find out what a sales lead is!

Sales Leads are simply opportunities that you're tracking.

Use Sales Leads to manage your prospects:
  • Could be a large electrical signage project worth $35k.
  • May be a 100 t-shirt project for the local high school.
  • Might be a contractor who had an entire fleet of vehicles he mentioned he’d like to wrap.

There's an old saying that what gets measured gets managed.

When we were creating shopVOX, a lot of shops we talked to didn’t have a formal process for following up with leads.

Their current process often looks like this.

  1. Potential customer Tom calls the shop because he found your website.
  2. The employee who answers the phone takes their contact details and writes down a description of the project.
  3. They place a note on the salesperson's or estimator's desk - where it may sit for two hours or two days.
  4. Occasionally these Post-it notes or scraps of paper get lost in the shuffle.
  5. Someone finally picks up the note, creates a Quote, and sends it to the customer (which by then may be too late to win the job or the customer is frustrated because it's taken so long).

Does this sound familiar to you?  In addition to the above, this clunky paper process doesn't give anyone in the company the ability to track incoming Leads and Lead Sources or apply any metrics such as conversion rate, lost opportunities, etc.So instead of Post-it notes, stacks of paper, and a never ending email inbox,,,track your Leads in shopVOX.

Who would I use a Sales Lead for?

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