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Recorded Training Sessions

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Orientation – shopVOX 101 Sessions

We recommend everyone on your team attend these sessions.

shopVOX 101 – Sales

This session covers how to track leads, send quotes, process orders, and get paid.

shopVOX 101 – Production

This session covers managing production in shopVOX covers jobs, job boards, proofing, scheduling, and workflow templates.

Intro to Grid Pricing

This webinar covers the basics of Grid Pricing, Building a 1D,2D, and 3D Grid Product, and applying a custom attribute to a 3D Product. It will also show how to add a Grid Product to a quote.

Purchasing in shopVOX

Learn how to create purchase orders, manage your materials, and more in this webinar.

Online Proofing

Streamline the Design - Approval Process!!

Using shopVOX to monitor every step in the Artwork/design customer approval process!

Managing your Sales Leads

Quickbooks Integration

How to Build a Product: The Basics of using Pricing Templates

We'll cover how the Pricing Template works, and how to customize your products by adding Materials and Labor/Machine rates to your product as well as custom attributes and pricing options.

Automating Your Shop

We cover the shopVOX APIs, @ Mail feature, shopVOX + Zapier.

Add the shopVOX app on Zapier

The Job Board

Shop Calendar / Shop Scheduler

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