Create Your First Product


Products are how you will price the items and services you sell.  To start this process of adding new things in shopVOX, click on

Company name >> POS settings >> $ Pricing >> Products

  1. Start by adding a new product.

  1. Then decide if it should be taxable and of what pricing type. Remember to check the template if needed.

  1. Enter your cost for this product and your mark up on that cost or just enter a price. Remember, you don’t have to put anything here. You can let the template determine the price instead. If this is the first time you are learning about Products, please go back and read What is a product 😉

  1. If you want to discount your product, you can apply discounts one of two ways. But, keep in mind that you need to create the discount first in your account in order for it to appear in the drop down list on your product screen.

Select the discount desired for volume and range (Quantity and size..FYI). You can select a different discount per product should you want to. If you want to discount on the total area select Apply Range Discount for Qty. What’s this you say? It’s a way to discount on the total area of signs sold. I can have a total of 5 - 5′ x 10′ banners which are 50 sq.ft each. By choosing Apply Range Discount for Qty I am telling shopVOX I have 250 sq.ft and to use that discount bracket instead. (5 banners)

Select Volume discount to apply a discount by qty. These discounts are set up with specific price breaks based on number of units sold. For example, if you sell 1 yard sign, it is full price. But, if your customer buys 12 yards signs you will want to give them a discount like 10% off.

  1. Select the COAs needed for your accounting package. (Even if you aren’t using one please at least select one.) The sale type relates to your business dashboards for in-house versus outsourced sales and lastly pick a production workflow that makes sense when it goes onto the job board.

  1. Finally hitting Save will save the product. It can now be added to estimates etc. You’ll have a menu on the left side that gives you access to more info, the template, custom fields & more.


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