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What is shopVOX Go! 

shopVOX Go! is an app available for IOS/Android and works in conjunction with your shopVOX account.  It will allow you to access your account to make updates to orders, get signatures and add photos.  This app will keep you connected to your account without having to sit at your desk!  Any updates made on the app will be done in real time to your account!

shopVOX Go! Features:

  1. MyVOX dashboard - see what transactions you are working on and access them right on your phone!
  2. Sales Order updates - ability to search & update steps on the Job board
  3. Assets - Upload photos to a transaction and also view existing Assets
  4. Scan - Job PDF QR Codes will access directly to a Job and you can process it step by step.
  5. Sign - Have a customer sign or a delivery of items on a transaction

Check out this quick video that gives an overview of the program.

Click here to watch!

shopVOX - Connecting to Account & Features:

ShopVOX Go! will only work with a shopVOX subscription...but the log in is much more simple than the previous version.  All you need to do is download the app and log in, as you would on the web app.

Logging In:

MyVox dashboard

When you log in, the bottom left icon is the Home icon..which is your MyVOX dashboard.  You will be able to access any jobs that are assigned to you from this screen.

Sales Order updates

This screenshot is showing the Job page for a Sales order.  On this page you can update the steps using the Play/Stop/Complete Icons.  This will automatically update the Job board on the web App.  This is great for when a User is in the field or just out in the shop working on a Job... it is quick and seamless!


You can view existing assets or add new ones by taking a photo or choosing from your photo library.


This feature is basically to process jobs in production by scanning a QR code available on the job PDF.  The job PDF looks like this and you can see the QR code of that job on the top right hand corner.  (You can think of this feature as a replacement to old bar code scanners). 

Click the icon on the bottom of the app and you can scan this QR code on the Job PDF. 

Then the app will show the details of the job like this with the name/qty/steps to process etc., 

Now you can process one step at a time by clicking the step name (Print, Quality Control etc.,), click one of the three icon buttons on that step:Start - Stop - Complete

As these icons are pressed, the job will be updated in shopVOX in real time. 

As mentioned above, it is the app version of the analog bar code scanning and processing system used in large automated companies.


This feature will allow you to get a signature from your customer when you deliver an item (or multiple items) to them.  Think of it like a UPS person taking your signature when they deliver something and a signature is required.

To access this feature, click on the icon on the bottom where it says search

Once you click that icon you will see this screen where you can search for any Quote, Sales order or Invoice in shopVOX.Select the transaction your are looking for in the list.

Once you select the transaction, it will show the screen shown below with the line items for that transaction and the Signature button.  Choose the line items you are delivering, which you require a signature; by clicking the check box on the left hand side... like below.  

Then click the link, Take signature... and this screen will popup where your customer can sign it on the device itself.

Once the signature is done and the person's name is Save signature.  A screen may popup if you did not enable the geo-code tracking.  This will allow your phone to record where this signature was done geographically.  ***You have to "Allow/Accept" this to track the location where this signature was taken. This helps you track where it was delivered to.

Also this pdf is saved on shopVOX on this transaction on the right hand side of the UI. To see it, go to your shopVOX account and open that transaction and you will see this data saved on the right hand side.... like this.

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