shopVOX Setup of Tax Codes for Quickbooks Canada Desktop/Online

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shopVOX now supports sync of Invoices/Payments to QB Desktop/Online for Canadian versions.

The setup for QB USA is known so this document describes what needs to be done for Quickbooks Canada. This article is divided into two sections. One for the desktop version and one for the Online version.

Quickbooks Canada Desktop

QB Canada wants a “Sales Tax Code” to be sent per line item. In order to enable this, in shopVOX for an account that is going to use QB Canada there is a setup that needs to be enabled at the account level by support. Once it is enabled, in the Sales Taxes in shopVOX the field Tax Code shows up as below.

How does this map to the Sales Tax in QB Canada.

In QB under lists there is a menu Item “Sales Tax Code List”

Once you open that there will be a list of “Codes” like G, H, Z etc., And if you open one of them you will see something like this.

So in the above screenshot the two important things are

  1. Sales Tax Code (G) , this is our “Tax Code” in the shopVOX Sales Tax definition
  2. Tax Item for Sales (GST), this our Name in shopVOX Sales Tax Definition.

The rest of the info in our Sales Tax setup

Tax Agency, % comes from the Sales Tax Items in QB under Lists>Items

Once this is done, you're all set!

Canada QB Online

QB Online does not have the concept of “Sales Tax Codes”, the way this works is they have sales taxes setup like this.

And if you click the Rates and Settings (Example for GST, second one here) this is what it looks like.

So inside there is you will see that they have different Tax Names and the % and the Tax Agency Etc.

In QB Online it does not care about the Tax Code only this GST1 or whatever is setup here. So when you setup the sales taxes for QB online sync for shopVOX customers, then our Sales Tax Name should match with this Name here.

So if you see the above setup for QB Online for this tax see below how it should be setup in shopVOX.

However in QB Online, this Tax Code in shopVOX is not really used, but since shopVOX wants some characters to be there we need to enter something there.  Generally I would suggest putting the same thing you have in the first screen of QB Online Sales tax list (GST, HST, xxx) etc.

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