How to round your pricing to 2 decimals or 4 decimals

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On some products you might want to display more decimal places to your customers, on others you want to show fewer.

How can I round my pricing to 4 decimals? No wait - I'd rather see 2 decimals. 

A lot of users were divided on this issue. Apparently, there's no perfect number of decimals when you present pricing to your customer.

So in order to solve the problem, we've given you a choice inside shopVOX.

What does it matter?

It all depends on how much information you want your customer to see.

  • For our apparel products - typically 2 decimals.
  • For signage products - typically 4 decimals.
  • For digital printing - typically 4 decimals.

How to adjust the number of decimal places for your products

  1. Go to POS Settings > Pricing > Products.
  1. Choose a specific product you want to adjust the settings for.

Then you'll find yourself on the product detail page.

  1. Click the Edit button to adjust the settings
  1. Scroll down until you find the "Round Unit Price To" field

Adjust to the number of decimals you prefer to see for this one product.

  1. Click Save to make the changes
How does this appear internally?

How does this appear to my customer?


Do these changes affect the whole account?

No, you set the number of decimals you'd like to round for each individual product in your account. 

If you want to bulk update these - we'll be adding that field for our import/export soon.

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