New to Quickbooks While Using ShopVOX

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If you are new to Quickbooks, but have been using shopVOX for a while, and want to start syncing invoices, then this article should point you in the right direction.

When you are ready to start syncing shopVOX invoices to Quickbooks and you want to sync back to the time you started using shopVOX, that won't be a problem; because you'll have every invoice from the time you started using shopVOX. They'll be waiting to be marked for syncing. Once these sync, they'll be marked as posted. This marking as posted prevents them from being synced a second time. This marking can be undone manually, one by one.

On the opposite side of things, if you wanted to sync from only a specific period of time on (say from today, or the beginning of a certain month); the best thing to do is mark any and all invoices you do not want synced as "posted".

At this moment in time, this is a manual process...meaning you can't do it in bulk. You will have to go into each invoice and mark it as posted one at a time. You could use a free program like "tiny tasks" to help speed up this process by recording yourself doing this action, and then summoning the command (macro) on each invoice opened on your screen.

The paragraphs above mention invoices, but these actions apply equally to payments which follow the same principle. 

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