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Setup Taxes Inside Your ShopVOX Account

Company Name >> POS Settings >> Sales Taxes

Are you governed by multiple Sales Taxes, GST, VAT Taxes and so on? Then this is where you can list them all and control them.

When you add your list of specific Taxes here, they are all available for you on tap either in a quote, purchase order, invoicing or even at a customer / supplier level.

If the image above is too small to see, just right click on the image and select “Open In A New Tab” for a larger view.

Once you have added your Tax/Tax’s you can then choose the different options whenever you add a material, product, labor, or any other charge inside shopVOX.

Do you have some customers that are NON-FOR PROFIT Organisations? Then you can also setup a Tax Rate that is zero, and ad this to specific quotes, products, materials, labor’s and anything else that you are not applying a tax to.

I don’t know about anywhere else in the world, but here in down under Australia, we wouldn’t get to use this particular tax very often 😊 we get TAXED on everything !🤔 

If you need help with the Taxes, you can reach out to the chat support team and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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