How can I raise a PRO-FORMA or DOWN-PAYMENT Invoice?

Aaron Aldrich Updated by Aaron Aldrich

Pro-forma invoice, Down-payment invoice... different countries call them different names.

In the UK, Australia & New Zealand many businesses need to send someone a "pre-invoice" once an order is placed for payment in advance. They would call this a "Proforma invoice"

In the USA - this is called a "Down-payment invoice"

Either way - they do the same thing!

In ShopVOX- we call this a Down-payment invoice and it can be sent to a customer at quote stage or once you have converted it as an order. Simply click the ACTIONS button like the below shows:

Now the customer will pay in advance from the Down payment invoice information. 

Once the job is complete - you will convert the order to a "proper invoice" which will show as paid.

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