Bulk deleting customers

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Oops!! I just imported all of my customer list and the email is in the address field??

What now??

Don't worry, you can bulk delete your whole list if you like and start fresh.

This is also possible if you are an established customer and would like to remove inactive customers or customers that never amounted to anything other than a lead.

Don't worry! The bulk delete list will only show customer that have never had a Quote or any other transaction attached to their name. But if they are still potential customers, you will want to keep them anyway.

So where is this magical button?

On the Customer page, click the Actions button and you will find it just below the Advanced Search.

Now what?

On the Bulk delete page you can use the 'Nuke' button (Delete All) and delete the whole list of customers or you can select customers below and click the Delete Selected button. This will then delete all of the Customers and their associated contacts. The total number of customer in your account number is just the list of customers that are leads.

NOTE: This list is only customers that do not have any transaction data. So you won't be deleting customers that you have done business with in the past.

These is also one last safety net.

When you click either Delete button a pop up will confirm you would like to continue and you will receive a CSV file of the deleted customers.

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