Account Settings for your Pro account

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This article goes over the different settings available in account settings, and what they are.


  • Upload your logo. - Click on the "Change Logo" button to upload your customer logo
  • Update your Time Zone - Click on the blue link to change it.
  • Country
  • EIN# - Only if you want it to show on PDF documents
  • License# - Only if you want it to show on PDF documents
  • Tax ID - Only if you want it to show on PDF documents
  • Website
  • Storage & Usage - you can see your available Storage here
  • Public Token - is used for integrating content with your website

Address and Phone Numbers

Click Edit to update your information

  • Address - Your primary customer address.
  • E-mail - Example , this is your general email for any one to send emails.
  • Phone - Your customer primary phone # like 1-800-555-5555

PDF Terms & Conditions

This area is for your document terms for -

  • Quote PDF
  • Invoice PDF
  • Sales Order PDF
  • Purchase Order PDF


This is the setting to Enable Online Proofs & Quote Review. You can also setup defaults for your most commonly used workflow template and Sales Pipeline that you use in your shop.


  • Transaction Settings - Hide Orders & Quotes for transactions that are converted to a Sales Order or Invoice. NOTE: Quote and Sales Order History are still retained.
  • Enable Integrated Mail - see detailed article here - Click Here
  • File Upload & Type - Cloud location for Customers to Upload documentation and Art files

Work Days

Enter typical Work Hours for your shop

Shopping Cart

HTML details to integrate shopVOX with your website for Online orders.  See detailed article here - Click here

Accounting Software Integration

Details for your link to your Accounting software.Current Options are Quickbooks Online/Desktop/Enterprise, Xero, MYOB, Sage50

Shipping Integration

These settings detail your shipping vendor account information. To add this feature contact chat support. There are no additional fees for this, but it is not a default feature for new accounts.

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