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Analyze your customer base by when they were last interacted with...

Many of you in the custom graphics industry are proactive when dealing with your customer base, because a repeat customer is a valuable customer.  Also, it has been said... it is 5 to 25 times more expensive to find a new customer, than to retain an existing one. has been requested that we create a report that looks for inactive customers in your database. We have heard you and we have created this report - Inactive Customers Report

It can be found in the Reports section... use the search field to search for Inactive Customers.

How it works

You can choose a date of Inactive Since.  You can also choose one or two filters to refine your search.  In the screenshot below, we are looking for all customers Inactive since the end of Q3 - 2018 or September 30th.  We are also looking for customers that have a Quote we didn't close(Filter 1) or have actually bought from us (Filter 2).  From this database, we have 13 customers and you can see we have a column that shows the Last Interaction Date for each customer.

Go ahead and take this report for a test drive!  Find out who may be slipping away... and then go reel them back in!!

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