Use the Roll Up feature to combine pricing for multiple line items

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The Roll Up feature on Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices allows you to combine 2 or more line items together on the PDFs you send to your customers. This works great for services that are not usually taxable like design or installation.

How to use the Roll Up feature

  1. Create a Quote, Sales Order, or Invoice with two or more line items
    1. Sign or Vehicle Wrap - $2000
    2. Design - $500
    3. Installation - $500
  2. Drag and drop to re-order the line items if needed. The child items need to below the parent item.
  3. Click the Roll Up button
  4. Click the arrow beside each line item you'd like to Roll Up
  5. Once you've got all the line items selected, click the Done Rollup button.

Why use Roll Up?

Rolled up items help you hide certain items or a break down of fees to your customers.

Here's an example:

  • You want to charge for an Install of a car wrap and added the Install as a separate line item
  • You don’t want to show the install as a separate line item and charge.
  • You can use the Roll up which will not display the Install as a separate item nor a separate fee.
  • The fees for both line items, the car wrap and the install, are added together into one price and shown as only one item on the customer's quote, sales order and invoice instead.

Questions about Roll Up

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