How can I give a discount for a product for a single customer?

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These instructions will guide you on how to give a discount within a specific product for a single customer you specify: Before you get started make sure your product is working properly. Make sure it is giving you an accurate price before you try applying this article to your product.

  • Go to POS Settings>Pricing>Products, and select the product that you would like to discount.
  • On the product page, you will notice that the "Pricing Varied By" field is either empty or does not state "Company".  We need to change this, So click on the "Other Info" tab on the left
  • Where it says "Pricing Variant Type",  select "Company" from the drop down. Click the "Update Product" button on the bottom of the page. This will take you back to the product page.
  • You'll notice that now the "Pricing Varied By" is now "Customer". Now it's time to apply pricing variants, for this product, so that it only apply's to specific customer.
  • Because of what we did in the steps above, there is now a new tab on the left side of the product page it is called "Variants". Click it once.
  • Now, click the add new variant button on the to upper right corner. 
  • Select the name of the existing customer you want this discount we are about to create apply too.
  • Then check off "Decrease". This tells shopVOX that this will be subtracting off of the final price. If you don't check this box, shopVOX will adding to the total instead of subtracting
  • If you want to apply the discount as a Percentage instead of a dollar amount for this specific customer, than check the "Percentage" box. You can specify this percent in one of the step below:
  • If you are discounting by percentage, input the percentage amount in the Change by % field. 
  • If you want to discount by an exact $ amount every time, then make sure to include that amount in the "Change by $" box.
  • Now this product will be discounted for the company you selected
  • Repeat these steps for each customer you want to provide special discounted pricing.

Example of How this Calculates:decrease = true (checked)Order total = $1000Change by % = 10%New order total = $900 [The math: $1,000 - ($1,000 x 10%)]

So to explain it in words...If the order total is normally $1000 for everyone who orders this product, NOW for this specific customer, they ONLY will get a special discounted price which in this example would give the product total price of $900

Remember. This only applies to the product, not to the entire quote/sales order/invoice

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