I can't use my email address? shopVOX says email has already been taken.

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Get an error that says Email has already been taken when trying to create a new user or update an existing user?

You cannot use the same email address for multiple users because it's the unique identifier for each user.

Here's a couple scenarios where you might encounter this error.

  • You used the email address for a trial Job Board account that has been de-activated account.
  • You've got 2 shopVOX accounts and you've used that email in the other account already.

How to fix the "Email has already been taken error"

If using a different email is not an option, contact our support team by clicking the Chat button inside shopVOX or send an email to billing@shopvox.com with the details on the email address you'd like to use.

Quick Tip: If you use Gmail or GSuite by Google, you can add a + to create different email addresses that all go to the same inbox. For example, billing@shopvox.com and billing+emailtroubles@shopvox.com would go to the same inbox. This is a neat hack if you have users that don't have their own GSuite inbox, but still need a unique login to shopVOX.

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