Webstores for your customers - What are they? and... How to setup!

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Welcome to the world of online selling to a specific organization!

Learn how to use shopVOX Web stores to create an online team or fundraising store within your website.

Web store Introduction

But first! Let's get a clarification on the differences of the types of online products you can create. This video explains it all.

What are Webstores?

shopVOX Webstores are part of our e-Commerce add-on.

Webstores are online stores that are created for a specific niche, purpose, or audience. it is an online store setup for a specific client that is not password protected like the cPortal is, and can be embedded in your website.  These can be very useful for schools or organizations that are selling designed products to Parents or Members of that organization.

Some good use cases for Webstores include:

  • High school sports team stores
  • Fundraiser stores
  • Company stores for employees

How to set these up!

Ok, let's get into setting up a webstore. The absolute first step is to contact billing@shopvox.com and request to have e-Commerce to be added to your account.

Webstore Guide PDF

The above PDF link is a quick guide and are the 'CliffsNotes' for the videos you see below. If you would like to see an overview, go ahead and download this guide.

Here is a quick list on how to set up a webstore:

  1. Request feature from billing@shopvox.com.
  2. Enable feature on a specific customer.
  3. Edit customer and edit the 'look' of their webstore page.
  4. Create Products specific to this customer that will be included.
  5. Copy Webstore link to your website and/or share the link with your customer.
  6. Ask if you can put the link on their website!

Let's get started.

How to create a Webstore ?

Step One

Since a webstore is customer specific, we will start by enabling this feature on the customer page. Click Action button > Enable Customer Portal

Step Two

Refresh the web browser and Click the Edit pencil icon

  1. Check the Flag for Enable Webstore
  2. Type in a name for the store
  3. Add a web store message if you like
  4. Upload a logo (optional)
  5. Add a Splash image (optional)
  6. Save

Step Three

You will now have an option on the side bar for the Webstore Link that can be added to your website.

When you click on the link, it will open in a new tab on your browser. You can copy this to share with your customer.

Or you can just right click on the Link and Copy address link.

When this link is added to your website, you could then share with that specific organization.

The next section will cover creating Products that will be shown on your webstore.

This video shows the steps on what we just did.

How to create a Product for your Webstore ?


Let's create a Product to launch on your webstore!

Step One

Create the Product. Give it a name, maybe specific to the customer; so that it is not confused with other products in your account. As you create the product, you will need to click the flag - Show on Web store

Step Two

In this example, we will make this product a 1D Grid; which will allow the customer to choose the size of a screenprinted shirt. We could also easily make this a 2D grid with sizes as one data set and colors and the second data set. To learn more about Grid pricing products, click here to review.

Step Three

Click on the Other Info button and then we will add Variant pricing. Select Company and Selected. This will allow us to choose the customer we will add the product to.

Step Four

Click on Variant Pricing button and then add the customer that you would like this product to show up on their webstore. You can add an increase in price if you like, but in this example; we have already established the selling price in the Grid.

Step Five

Congratulations! This product will now show up on this customer's webstore.

Once again, Bryant shows the details on how to do this in the video below.

Last step!

I mentioned this above, but once you have your products created they will be included on that customers webstore. On the Customer page the webstore link is located on the right side bar. This link can be shared with your customers or added to your website directly.

Here is a screenshot of where this link is located.

Click here to see what it can look like.

This is from our practice company, so don't purchase anything.

Best practices for selling with Webstores

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