How to customize the standard Screen Printing locations

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We load some great starter screen printing products complete with pricing and info that works for most shops out of the gate. In this article, we'll show you how to customize this starting point and add your own printing locations like Left Leg or Right Leg .

How to customize the standard Screen Printing locations

In our starter configuration, Screen Printing is setup as a Labor Rate inside shopVOX. We also use a structure that we call "Variants" to give you an (almost) infinitely customizable pricing grid (pricing matrix, price table). Here's how to customize this for your shop.

  1. Go to POS Settings > Pricing > Labor Rates
  2. Click the name of the Screen Printing labor rate
  3. Click Variants
  4. Under the Attributes section, look for the Location attribute. Click the ✏️icon on the right hand side to edit the existing locations or add new ones.
  5. The Values field is where the locations are stored.
  6. Scroll to the end of the field and type in the name of the new locations you'd like to add.

    Separate them with a comma , . Do not add spaces after the comma. You do not need to add a comma after the last item.

    Click Save to update the list of locations.
  7. Now scroll down to the Variants and Prices section. For the first column, click the area where all the current locations are listed.
  8. Check the boxes beside the new locations you'd like to apply to that column of pricing.
  9. Repeat Steps 7 & 8 for the remaining color columns. Then you're all set 👍

What are the default print locations for Screen Printing?

Here's the standard configuration for our starter Screen Printing labor rate.


1 Color,2 Colors,3 Colors,4 Colors,5 Colors,6 Colors,7 Colors,8 Colors


Full Front,Full Back,Left Chest,Right Chest,Oversize Back,Oversize Front,Left Sleeve,Right Sleeve,Tag Print

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