Customizing Line Item Descriptions

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When adding descriptions to your line items, there is information you want your customers to see and details that you want for internal use only. For instance, details such as colors, sizes, materials, hardware, # of impressions, which machine to use and location specifics will all need to be included in the line item for your production staff, but may not necessarily be important for your customers to see.

There is an option to have a line item description that will show up on the PDF to your customer, and hide production details where your staff can access those details on the work order. The example below is an Apparel product, but this will work for any Product, whether it is Apparel, Graphics, Printing or Signs.

Here's how this works...

Open a Quote or Sales Order (the description can be changed on any line item on a quote or sales order). You can see here that the Sales Order screen shows both the description and production details:

If you were to print a PDF from this screen, the customer's PDF will show both the description and production details. This is a lot of text for your customer to read, and it creates a larger document with all of this information included.

So, let's change this so the customer only sees what you want them to see...

  1. Click on the Blue Pencil Icon Noted in the first image above.
  2. Change the description to what you would like the customer to see. NOTE: For Apparel products copy the size grid if you would like to have this visible on the PDF
  3. Check the Show only description flag (check box)

This will change the description on the transaction page, but the Work Order page retains all of the original production details for your production team.

So now, this is what your customer will see on their PDF:

And your production staff will still be able to access both the item description and production details on the Work Order Screen:

As noted above... this Show only description flag will work with any Product in your system. It will also work on Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices. Here is a Quote transaction for a simple Banner Product with an edited description:

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