What is JSON?

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JSON is an important data format for exchanging information via API.

Technical term = JavaScript Object Notation

English = Simple, readable format for exchanging data between applications

Imagine that you’re trying to place an order with your waiter at a restaurant but he only speaks French and you know all of about two words “Bonjour” and “Au revoir”. 

Or you ask him for the special of the day, and he recites them to you in Swahili. That’s going to make it tough to communicate.

JSON is important because it’s a standard format that APIs use to exchange data. It helps our application know what to expect.

What does JSON data look like?

Sample Contact Record

  full_name: "Rao Meka",
  email: "rao@shopvox.com",
  title: "Founder",
  phone: "1-855-GETVOX9"

JSON data if formatted into Keys and Values. Together they are called a “Key / Value pair”.

The Key describes what type of data is being stored - and the Value is the actual data itself.

They Key and the Value are separated by a colon. Any pieces of data that aren’t Numeric are typically wrapped in quotation marks.

A JSON object (or just one record of data) is enclosed in squiggly brackets {}.

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