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A versatile tool to create a ‘conversation’ between Sales and Design

As a designer, there is nothing worse than losing your focus while designing, due to an interruption by an over zealous sales person that is close to closing a Major client.Regaining that focus can cost time and delay projects.This can be compounded when a shop has several sales staff ALL looking for attention to explaining their newest project in detail. 

In the process, the explanation is not completely translated and most of the details have been glossed over…since the designer is not totally focused on listening to the sales person.

Most sign project ideas can be conveyed using pictures… especially when detailing size, location and some minor details of a project.

Using survey picture Asset files can accomplish about 80% of what a sales person is trying to convey….AND!!…. It is clearly typed and legible for the designer to reference when he is ready to start working on that next project.


From the Quote or Sales Order screen add an Asset.

Be as descriptive as you want on the Title of the Asset

Add as many notes as are required to explain what needs to be done on this project.Simply by adding and resizing a box and typing a message.

Each Image note is timestamped with User name, date and time....Which can be edited or additional comments can be added. The designer can simply click each box to read the comments.

The end result is a VIRTUAL CONVERSATION between the Sales person and Designer. Reducing or even eliminating interruptions, miscommunications and legibility.

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