Examples of Grid Pricing Products

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Grid Pricing is great for products that have several standard variables (size, colors, paper stock, sides) and each variable combination is a different price. Some products that would be a good fit for the Grid Pricing could be:

  • Business Cards and Post Cards - Example: You could set up your grid to price by qty in each set of cards (250, 500, 1000, etc), and include pricing for different paper finishes (Gloss, Matte, UV, etc), and full color single sided/double sided printing.
  • Yard Signs - Example: You could set up your grid to price signs by qty break (1-12, 13-28, 29-50), standard size of substrate, and by single or double sided
  • ADA Packages - Example: You could set up a standard ADA package and price each package by qty of signs included for a full building (Pkg A, Pkg B, Pkg C). You can also add a variable that will adjust pricing based on elements such as Braille/No Braille, or First Surface/Sub-Surface, or Vinyl/Print. You can also add material type or material thicknesses as a third variable option.
  • Promotional Products - Example: Let's say you set up a grid product for promo pens. You could set up your grid to price by bulk qty, number of colors, and standard size of print 

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