Re-Calculating Bill Of Materials (BOM)

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Bill Of Material (BOM) – To Re-Calculate Or Not To Re-Calculate

If your shop is use to building custom products on the fly and you build them from a BOM, then you may have noticed an issue where some categories in the BOM will Re-Calculate if you edit the product / line item after you have saved it.

Example: You have priced up a 1200mm x 2400mm digital print ACM with a typical install and let’s say some graphic design time.  shopVOX has calculated all of the $$$ for you and you are now set to go….

But Wait, you now want to change the dimensions of this sign and you only want to increase the cost for the additional materials, inks, machine rates etc… but the install and graphic design costs are the same regardless of size.

Previously in shopVOX, as soon as you hit the EDIT button on the BOM and change any of the attributes, all your labor rates would default back to 1 (One) unit. Causing a significant reduction in the cost of the sign. You would then need to go back and re enter this information.

Well, shopVOX has now addressed this..

Now, when you are building your BOM on a specific product, you now have the option to set the Formula to "NoRecalc" on the fly. The formula can be changed for any category in the BOM. E.g… Labor Rates, Machine Rates, Vinyl, Substrates, Fixings etc…

At the time of setting up your pricing / materials, you would have selected the desired formula that should be calculated, but don’t panic, because when you change these formula’s on the fly in the BOM, they will only take change for this stand alone product / line item. The original setting will still be intact back at the material end. 

Here is a brief screen capture of the new feature in action but stay tuned for a video coming soon with a far more interactive instruction on how this great new feature can work for you.

If the image above is too small to see, just right click on the image and select “Open In A New Tab” for a larger view.

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