Adding your Job Board to your TV

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Many shops use the job board on a big screen to keep everyone informed on job status and deadlines

The designer in me obviously couldn't resist creating an awesome (but definitely overkill) graphic for this one. 

Lots of shops I talk to love our electronic job boards. 

When you compare it to your messy dry erase board - it's really a no brainer. 

One awesome way you can replace your production whiteboard or clipboard system is with a flat screen TV.

Simply log in to shopVOX and display the Job Board - so everyone can see what's on the agenda.

Ways you can implement this

1) Connect a computer to your TV via HDMI or DVI CableThis one is pretty simple.

  • Find a PC or Mac
  • Connect monitor cable to TV input
  • Bam! Job Board on TV

Here is a link to a stupidly cheap 25ft HDMI cable on Amazon.

This is the better option if you want team members to interact with the Job Board on the TV.

2) Google Chromecast or Apple TVThis solution takes a little more effort. These two devices will let you stream a tab from your browser window to your TV via Wi-Fi connection.

  • Buy one of said devices
  • Plug in to TV
  • Configure WiFi settings
  • Cast tab from your device

Chromecast Learn more here

Apple TVLearn more here

This is a good option if your peeps won't be interacting with the job board.

Learn how to make your job board view TV friendly

This short video explains a way to remove the headers and navigation within shopVOX to give you more screen real estate ūüėÄ

The name of the addon for Chrome is called Stylish.... UPDATE.  Stylish was blocked by Chrome for their data collecting practices.  See article here.The new Add-on is called Stylus, which does not do this.  Click here to add the Add-on, or go to the the Chrome store and search for Stylus.

Sample Code

Copy and paste this sample code into the Stylish app to transform your job board view. {
    display: none;
} {
    display: none;

div.secondary {
    display: none;
} {
    margin-top: -75px;
    margin-left: 70px;
} {
    color: #000000;

div.filter-counter {
    color: #000000;

div.panel.round {
    padding-top: 20px;
    margin-top: -80px;

div.primary {
    margin-left: 33%;


Do I need to add a "Full" user just to add the job board to our TV?

Great question. This depends on how you plan on using it.

If you want your production team to update the job status, change the filtered views, and get their specific assignments using the TV - then Yes.

  1.  You'll want to connect a full computer terminal to your TV
  2. Add a dedicated "Full" user account to stay logged in.

You can name the user "Job Board TV" or any similar variation. 

The reason you'd add a separate user?

You cannot be logged in to the same User account from two different locations.

If you don't get at least $29 worth of value out of that scenario - please send me an invoice for the difference and I'll reimburse you -

If you just want to display the job board on the TV to use as a static dashboard - then No - you don't need an additional User. 

You might consider getting a Chromecast or Apple TV device. 

This way you can simply stream one tab of your web browser to the TV.

And you don't have to add another user. 

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