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When something happens in your account - who should receive an email or alert?

shopVOX will keep you well-informed about what’s happening in the shop. Setting up your notifications are key to this.

Notifications are when a user/group of users are notified when a specific event happens. You can enable/disable these notifications depending upon your shop requirements.

You want to be emailed when someone creates a new order. Or you want to alert your production manager when a new job is pushed to production.

Where do I find Notifications?

  1. Click your Company Menu
  2. Account Settings
  3. Notifications

Once on the Notification page - you'll see something similar to below.

Overview of the Notifications Page

Notify: Yes/No - Do you want to be notified when this event happens.Is this is set to No, then no emails or alerts of any kind will be sent.

Email: Do you want to be notified via email - Yes/No

SMS: Not implemented yet, but in future you can opt for notifications via SMS.

Push (Alerts): Notify within the shopVOX application and it shows up on the right hand side of the main navigation bar

If you click on the Alerts text it will show you those alerts and some more details like this.

You can Mark all read or mark individual ones as read.

Staff: You can pick and choose which individual user in your company should be notified. You can pick more than one.

SR: Sales Rep - If checked the sales rep on that particular transaction will be notified

PdM: Production Manager - If checked the "Production Manager" will be notified

PjM: Project Manager - If checked the "Project Manager" will be notified

AT : Assigned To - Person will be notified (Generally used it Job Step - Notifications)

Primary Contact: If you want the customer contact to be notified then check this so that Primary Contact on the transaction will be notified. *** Be careful with this, if you do not want your end customer to be notified about certain events***

Roles: You can notify every one who is part of a Role.

Department : Not implemented yet.

Two Ways to Send Notifications


These are sent directly to a user’s inbox. Recommended for the most important events.

Push Alerts

These are sent inside your shopVOX app. They show up in the Alerts menu on the right hand side of your screen.

Which should I use?

First, you should look through the list of events on the notifications page. Think of your team and where they fall inside your company.

Start with the mission critical events – who should know immediately when these happen?

  • New Order Created?
  • New Job Created?

How to configure your notifications


Step by Step

Step 1. Go to Account Settings > Notifications and click Edit at the bottom of the page
Step 2. Pick an event. Would you like to receive notifications for that event?

No? Uncheck the box in the Notify column.

All notifications on dependent on the Notify column – if this is not checked shopVOX will not send any notifications for that event.

Yes? Make sure to check the box in the Notify column.

Step 3. Choose how you’d like to send the notification – email or push alert (or both)

Check the box for either Email or Push notifications or both.  NOTE: SMS option is not available yet.

Step 4. Choose who you’d like to receive the notifications

Want to send to a specific person? Select that person from the Staff column. The person would need to be added to your account.

Sending an alert to the sales rep for a job? Check the box for the SR column.

Want to send a message to all Production people? Choose the Production role from the Roles dropdown.


How do I stop my email inbox from receiving tons of notifications?

It's definitely time to review your notifications and trim some of them down a bit. If you receive 100 notifications in a day - you'll start to tune out everything. So when something really important comes along, you could miss it.

We load some defaults for each new account. Those are a good starting point - but don't be afraid to experiment a little.

I'm not receiving any notifications - how can I fix this?

This is most likely because your notifications may not be set up correctly. Check the first column "Notify". Without this box checked - zero (none, nada, zilch) notifications will be sent for that event.

How can I send automatic notifications to my clients when pre-production is completed? when the job is completed? 

Currently, we don't have an elegant way to update your clients on job status via email automatically. This is something we're working on 

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