How to Sync to Quickbooks Desktop

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Now that you are all setup and ready to go, you can sync to your Quickbooks company. Here are the steps you will do to sync your transactions.

How to Sync to Quickbooks Desktop

Step 1. Go to the QBD Sync Invoices / Payments

Click your Company Menu > Account Settings > QBD Sync Invoices/Payments

Step 2. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard and how the sync works

Here's a quick rundown of the most important functions:

  • Use this green drop down to switch between Invoices, Payments, Credit Memos, Un-Applied Payments and Purchase Orders. You'll need to do each one separately to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible.

There are two ways to select Invoices you want to sync.

  1. Post All Invoices to Accounting - this will select all the invoices (521 in the example below) and prepare them to be synced.
  2. Post to Accounting - this allows you to actually pick and choose which invoices you'd like to sync. Simply select the Post to Accounting button beside each invoice you want to send.
  3. Before data gets synced to Quickbooks, you need to actually start the sync.
  4. To start the sync, simply click the Post now button.
  5. Refresh your browser to update the page after about a minute.
  6. The Post Status column will let you know what the Quickbooks status is for that invoice. Any errors that occur will also show up here.

Now you're up to speed - let's cover the steps to do a complete sync.

Step 3. Verify the QB Web Connector is running

It's very important to make sue that the Web Connector is up and running on your computer.

It will most likely be hidden in the task bar. You could also find it by searching the "Start" menu.

Step 4. Sync Invoices first

Either manually select the individual invoices you'd like to post by clicking Post to Accounting. Or click the Post All Invoices to Accounting button to select all invoices.

NOTE: If this is your very first sync, try posting only a single invoice. This keeps your potential for bad data in Quickbooks to a minimum - and saves you from wasted time :)

Post the Invoices

Any invoices that are going to be synced will be marked as "Post Requested".

If you picked one by accident, just click Un-Post to leave it out of this sync.

Once you're ready - click the Post now button.

Refresh the Page

Once you start the sync, the Post now button will change to Post in progress... to let you know the sync is happening.

Wait a few moments for this to process and send data to the Web Connector (longer if your posting lots of invoices.

Refresh the page to check status - shopVOX will not refresh it automatically.

Step 5. Sync Credit Memos second

Follow the same exact procedure outlined before to sync Credit Memos.

  1. Click the green drop down button
  2. Select Credit Memos
  3. Wait for the page to load
  4. Select the Credit Memos to Post
  5. Click the Post now button
  6. Wait for sync and refresh the page

You may not actually have any credit memos to sync. That's good :)

Soldier on.

Step 6. Sync Payments next

Select Payments from the green drop down button

Post the Payments

Either manually select the individual payments you'd like to post by clicking Post to Accounting. Or click the Post All Payments to Accounting button to select all payments.

NOTE: Again - If this is your very first sync, try posting only a single payment first to verify. Better to be safe and test small.

Step 7. Sync Un-Applied Payments

Select Un-Applied Payments from the green drop down button

Post the Un-Applied Payments

Occasionally you may run into an issue where things happen in reverse.

The recommended order is to sync the Invoice before you sync the Payment that was applied to that particular invoice. This helps ensure the payment gets applied correctly in Quickbooks.

For example - you take a down payment for a Sales Order. That Sales Order doesn't get completed for two weeks and the Payment gets synced to Quickbooks before an Invoice is created.

The Un-Applied Payments section lets you update these transactions without the trouble of manually updating in your Quickbooks file.

To sync Un-Applied Payments - just follow the same procedure (you've got it down now.)

  1. Select the Un-Applied Payments to Post
  2. Click the Post now button
  3. Wait for sync and refresh the page
Step 8. Check the Exported sections to verify the sync

Super simple last step.

You can view the transactions and payments that were synced successfully by choosing the Exported Invoices or Exported Payments sections from the green drop down button.


The Quickbooks Web Connector is not running or working correctly.

If you're having issues with the Web Connector - try this.

  1. Open Quickbooks
  2. Open the File menu
  3. Select Update Web Services

This should open the Web Connector for you.

If you still can't get it to work - no worries! We'll get you sorted out. Contact our support team inside the app or shoot us an email at

I'm getting some really strange errors that don't make any sense to me.

If any issues occur during the sync - Quickbooks usually reports that info back to us - so we can try to diagnose the error.

However, the result is usually not easy to read or decipher.

It might read like this:

StatusCode: 3120; Object "5EED-1464989631" specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: The name of the list element is already in use.

We compile a list of these common errors and try to translate them into plain English (which is not always easy).

-> Check out this article for solutions to common errors with Quickbooks Desktop Sync

The sync keeps hanging up for a really long time.

Stuck in Post in progress... for over 10-15 minutes?

It just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning.

Something is definitely wrong here. This usually means there's an issue with the Web Connector, but not always.

Follow this procedure to get things back on track.

Find the Account Settings > Settings menu
Try to troubleshoot any errors and Reset Processing

On the Account Settings > Settings page, scroll down to the Quickbooks Desktop section.

  1. Check the Sync error details field and look for any potentially error codes that fit the ones from our common error article.
  2. Click the Reset Processing button. This should clear the sync process and give you a chance to start over.
  3. At this point - it's a good idea to only try to post one transaction at a time - until you discover the root main cause.
  4. If you can't figure it out, don't spin your wheels very long. Just reach out to our chat support team inside the shopVOX app - or email us at

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Quickbooks Desktop: Common Sync Errors