A guide to the Job Board

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Looking for a total overview of the Job board feature? Check out this article to guide you through

The job board is one of the most powerful features in ShopVOX - when used correctly, it does wonders to job management and efficiencies within a business.Here I will show you how to understand the job board, and why it is so important to run your business.

What this Guide will cover:

Top Tips:

  • If in LIST view- always ensure you have a simplistic view by reducing the amount of columns and focusing on the important information
  • Name your Line items more uniquely for ease when glancing at the job board
  • Keep your workflow steps up to date daily to know exactly where a job is at.
  • Make notes on the job to keep everyone in the loop
  • CHANGING DUE DATES- You have the option to change a due date which will then change it also on the SALES ORDER

Common Questions:

  • Does everyone have access to the job board?
  • Can I create a job without a quote or order?
  • Can I create a job straight from a quote instead of sales order?
  • Which date do I use?

Bonus Help!

Here's a previous webinar I put together which you can watch as I explain the above and demo the features - click HERE to view

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