What is the difference between the Paid and Free versions of cPortal?

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cPortal - short for "Customer Portal".  This is a login you can give to some of your repeat customers to be able to see their orders placed with your company.  It is like a self service portal for them.

shopVOX comes with two flavors of this.

  1. Free cPortal - Comes with every shopVOX PRO account.
  2. Paid cPortal - Additional features for which you will have to pay to have this feature enabled.

So what more do you get in the "Paid cPortal"? Basically all the features of "Free cPortal" and the following main features.

  • Your customers can place orders directly to the products that you have enabled for a given set of customers.
  • If you have enabled CC Processing via shopVOX, they can pay for it directly from the cPortal.
  • You can also have a custom URL that you can use to redirect the customer to their cPortal.

How much does it cost for "Paid cPortal"? Please send an email to billing@shopvox.com for latest pricing details.

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