How to use the Quick Quote Feature

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Your phone rings at 9:34 am on Monday. You’ve got someone who just wants a quick price for standard 3ft x 8ft banner.

Don’t stop to take all their information like name, phone number, email, postal address, mother’s maiden name, and the name of their 2nd cousin twice removed.

Just use our Quick Quote feature to create a fast price and close the sale. Then get their contact information.

How To Enable Quick Quote

  1. Create a Customer “Quick Quote”

Click Create > New Customer

Name the customer "Quick Quotes" or something similar

  1. Add the Quick Quote Customer Name to POS Settings

Navigate to POS Settings > General

  1. Click Edit

  1. Scroll down the page and find Quick Quote Customer Name

  1. Type the name of your Quick Quote customer

Click Update Settings

Using Quick Quote

  1. Click the Quick Quote icon

  1. Create your Quote by Adding Line Items

Important Steps Before Converting to a Sales Order

Transfer Quote to the correct Customer

Tips and Tricks

Copy Line Items to Quickly Create Multiple Options

  1. Use the Actions button on the line item to duplicate items and change the Qty and/or the size details to create pricing for multiple options quickly.

  1. Change the Name of the item.


Can we transfer other types of transactions to different customers?

This is not supported. The Transfer Quote option is only available on Quotes created by the Quick Quote feature.

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