How can I setup a minimum order amount?

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Learn how to handle a shop minimum inside shopVOX

There is no “minimum order concept” in shopVOX. You can however set minimums on the product level which function similarly to a minimum order $ amount.

Minimum Unit Price

This is handy if you’re using a lot of Discounts in shopVOX for products. It protects your margins on really high volume jobs. It prevents the individual unit price from dropping below a certain threshold. 


Price is set to $6.

Minimum Unit Price is set to $4.

You apply a Volume Discount of 50% for quantity of 100 pieces and over.

If the Qty is greater than 100, the Unit Price will be calculated as $4 because of the Minimum Unit Price you’ve set. Otherwise the Unit Price would be $3.

Minimum Line Price

This is the closest to a minimum order $ amount. The difference is that it works on the line item Total Price. It protects your margins on really small volume or small total area jobs.


Price is set to $6

Minimum Line Price is $50.

Your customers want to place an order for 6 pieces. Normally that would be $6 * 6 pieces = $36 Total Price. But because you’ve got a Minimum Line Price set to $50, shopVOX will round up the Total Price to $50.

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