What will my customers see on their cPortal?

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Here is a PDF document you can send your customers on how to use the cPortal from shopVOX.


To login go to portal.shopvox.com (this might vary so re-confirm this is the right URL to login to).  The login credentials will be provided by the company that is providing this service.

Once you login you will see a dash board like below where you can see all of your transaction counts.

The Blue Bar

The menu along the Blue line lists the different areas you can review in regards to your orders.This Menu has the following items:


Jobs shows the list of jobs, what their current status is and what step they are in. 


Transactions show the list of Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices. 

And when you choose one of the above list, it will show a list of transactions. 


Proofs has two sections, Proofs to Review and Approved Proofs.  When you choose either option, it will show a list of those proofs that can be reviewed...and also Approved or Commented on if they are in the Review process. 


This is an add-on feature for the end customer to be able to place orders directly from their cPortal.If online ordering is enabled for your company then you will be able to see the products that are approved to be ordered and you can place the orders directly from here.  If this feature is not enabled and you would like the ability to place Orders for Products you regularly purchase... you will need to speak to the Company that enabled your cPortal. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Company that provided you with this cPortal.

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