Existing Approved Proofs for ReOrders

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How to attach an existing Approved Proof to a new Sales Order ?

The online Proofing system is a very valuable tool to streamline the communication between the Sales rep and the customer. Many of our shopVOX users have found this very helpful in getting Proofs approved quickly.

An added feature to the Proof Approval process is adding an existing Customer Approved design to a re-order.The Proof can be chosen and approved internally or sent to the customer for confirmation. This will save time, by not having to find the approved document, downloading it and attaching it.

This also helps with giving the design/production team a clear understanding of which design is to be used on a job that is being re-ordered.

How it works:

  1. Start by copying the existing Sales Order to a new transaction
  2. Click Create Job button for the Line Item
  3. Click Design step to start the Proof Approval process
  4. Click Proof tab and then Click Find & Copy button ( see Image 1 )
  5. Choose the Proof in the new dialog window ( see Image 2 )
  6. You will now have the Option to resend to the customer or approve internally
  7. Adding comments to the proof and referencing to the previous Order will create a ‘paper trail’ of the Customer Approval ( see Image 3 )

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

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