What are Projects?

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A "Project" in shopVOX is a way to group quotes, orders, invoices, sales leads & jobs for a big project. You can create a task to manage something like a big condominium project or a project that is going to span several months with several different signs and several different people. You can create separate tasks for Projects and also separate notes and assets associated with the given Project.

Why would I use Projects?

Projects are great for keeping large, complex jobs, that may have several Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices; organized. They are also helpful with keeping track of all the details, communications, transactions, times, dates and data for a Job that will continue for several weeks or months. Here are some screenshots showing the different areas on a Project page.

This example is for a Hospital project that will be created from an empty lot into a Hospital complex. The project will be scheduled in 4 phases as defined by the customer... initial ground breaking signage, outside ID signage, way finding and property signage and interior signage.

The next two images show the Timeline of transactions that are added to this Project

The sidebar shows details for the Project and most importantly all the transactions associated with this Project. This allows you to close out Sales Orders to Invoices...to be able to Invoice the customer as portions of the Project are completed.

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