Material Requisitions

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When I am explaining material requisitions to customers and prospects, I usually explain it in this way... it's a shopping list. Instead of running to the store (or creating a PO) every time you need something, Material Requisitions (MR) help you consolidate materials or products that you need to order that might be scattered throughout multiple orders. One trip vs frequent trips to the store.

One other major usecase for using material requisitions are if you have several sales reps or account managers and one point person that does all the purchasing.

How does it work?

Just like a shopping list, you need to add materials to a shopping list, we can't look at your pantry and know what needs to be ordered. So on a Sales Order, you simply click on the "Create Material Requisition" button from the actions menu inside the Sales Order. shopVOX will look at the products, materials, labor rates, and machine rates for each product on the SO and generate a list of everything you might want to order (and add to your MR) that are on the SO. From this list, you will select the things you want to order (and add to your MR). We will go step by step on how to do this next in this article.

Starting off - Turn on the Feature

Initially, you may not have this option on your account. You can turn this on yourself in the Account settings > Features page. Edit the features and check the Material Requisitions option. You will now see the option on the blue bar.

Creating MRs from a Sales Order:
  1. Go to the Sales Order that you want to add it's products, materials, etc. to the MR.
  2. Click on the green actions button, and select, Material Reg
  3. Check the products, materials, etc. that you want added to the MR for later purchasing (PO creation)
  4. You can also select the Vendor that will be used when generating the PO later.
  5. On the MR page, you will have a running list of materials to create POs from. This is the list your Purchaser will use to create POs.

Adding Additional Items to MRs:

Let's say you're working on something, and you look at widget A and realize you need to order more of widget A. You can hop onto shopVOX, and add this item to your material requisition list so when you create PO for a specific vendor, it's on your list.

  1. Go to Material Requisitions Module
  2. Click on "+New Material Requisition" button
  3. Enter the name/part # and any important/relevant information that you would want on the PO.

Creating POs from MRs

When you are ready to place an order from a specific vendor, all you need to do it go to your material requisition to create a specific PO. Once you do this, the material will be permanently removed (if you ordered the entire quantity on the MR) from the MR list until it is added again.

  1. Go to MR Module
  2. Select the vendor you will be purchasing from
  3. Check the materials that you will adding to the PO from this list
  4. This will generate a Purchase order and will be on the PO page.
  5. If there are items from several different Sales orders, these will be listed on the PO for reference with the Sales Order # and Line item #

Other things to note:

  • shopVOX knows which materials are for which vendors. It will filter vendors when you go to create a PO as long as you have the product/material pre-set with this specific vendor. This feature works great with integrated apparel catalogs.
  • You can create a PO and MR multiple times which is very useful in scenarios where you are outsourcing decoration and ordering the supplies for that decoration.
  • If you have the inventory add-on turned on, shopVOX will let you check inventory levels you have before creating a PO from the MR. Remember though, if those numbers are wrong because of user error, you may end up ordering short.

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