How do I add new products?

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There are two main ways to create a Product. The first would be to copy an existing one and make modifications to the copy. The benefit of this is, the details of the Product will be copied to save time in creating the new Product. This is in the case the new Product is similar. The second way is to go to the Products section and add a new one from scratch. This article covers the steps to creating one from scratch. For details on what a Product is, click here to read this article.

To add a new product, follow these steps:

Step 1.  Click your business name (on the upper left) and a drop down will appear. 

Step 2.  From the new drop down (Company Menu), click POS Settings and a new drop down appears.

Step 3.  From the POS Settings drop down, click $Pricing, and a new drop down appears.

Step 4.  In the new drop down, click Products.  A list of all of your Products will appear. 

Step 5.  On the top right, click +New Product and the New Product form will appear. 

Step 6.  Fill out the form. 

Step 7.  Click the Create Product button. 

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