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Optimizing speed by using Clear Cache & Cookies for PC and Mac

Occasionally, since shopVOX is browser based; it is required to reload or refresh the browser to have updated information. Sometimes you might experience the screen is taking too long to load or the information is not updating like it is expected to when using a particular page. 

There are 3 options to address this:

Refresh/reload - clicking the Refresh Icon will reload the current page and update any changes recently made. If this doesn't work, a Hard Refresh may be required.

Hard Refresh - refreshes the cache on the page you're currently on, not the entire site or browser. Hard refresh is a quick fix, but a better solution than just a Refresh.

Clearing Cache & Cookies - Clearing Cache, cookies & history is like cleaning up clutter around your house.  It frees up your memory and creates more space. Software tends to run smoother and faster when you clear!  

The reason we recommend doing this is because a lot of data is downloaded into the local browser memory, and browsers tend to cache the details and instead of fetching new data from the server it will look into the cache and show that data. As a result, the data becomes stale and you won't have the latest changes to the data.  Also, since the browser caches all this data, the memory to store this information locally keeps on increasing . Thereby, using up more memory & resources for old data that is no longer relevant.  So if you clear your browser cache and history, the information is refreshed and the browser will also run more efficiently. 


Using a program like CCleaner will help with clearing out several areas of a computer and help keep it 'tuned up'


Steps to Hard refresh:


Mac - Command+R


Steps to Clear Cache & cookies: 

PC:        short cut Keys - Ctrl+Shift+Del

Mac:      short cut Keys - Command+Shift+Del

Open Chrome on your browser toolbar, click the 3 Dot Icon on the far right of the address field. Point to More tools, and then click Clear browsing data. ( see image 1 ) In the "Clear browsing data" box, ( see image 2 ) 

Click Advanced >> then check boxes for: Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and other site data  and Cached images and files.  Use the menu at the top, select the amount of data that you want to delete. We recommend choose All Time. Click Clear data button.

Image 1

Image 2

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