How do I enable the free cPortal for a customer?

Haylee Benton Updated by Haylee Benton

Free cPortal is available to all of our customers by default.  However you have to go into each individual customer of yours and enable this for them to access their data.

Once you enable the customer, click on the Edit (Pencil icon) and make sure if you want to give them access to the Job Board details or not.  (If you do not want your customers to see the job board then uncheck this option for this customer).

Once you have done this, you need to also enable each individual contact.  So go to the contacts, and do the same as below.

Once a contact is enabled to have cPortal access, edit that contact and create their login and password like below.

Note:  If you want to show the Quotes on the cPortal side you need to make sure the flag "show on customer portal" is checked.  You can get to this flag by editing the Quote (Pencil icon on the top right hand side).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact support@shopvox.comor chat live with our support team.

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