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How to export customers & contacts from Quickbooks Desktop?

Would you like to save some time and import your existing customer base from your Quickbooks account? This simple article will explain where to go to get your customers in you Quickbooks Desktop comp…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 1 year ago by Aaron Aldrich

Quickbooks Desktop: Common Sync Errors

How to troubleshoot and fix common errors with Quickbooks Desktop sync. Occasionally, especially when first setting up and syncing with shopVOX; you will run into some issue that don't quite work wit…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 2 years ago by Aaron Aldrich

How to Sync to Quickbooks Desktop

Now that you are all setup and ready to go, you can sync to your Quickbooks company. Here are the steps you will do to sync your transactions. How to Sync to Quickbooks Desktop. Step 1. Go to the QBD…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 3 years ago by Aaron Aldrich