Accounting sync setup

Transaction Number Sequencing

Sometimes you need to make changes to your existing numbering system in shopVOX so you don't have any duplicate numbers. Automatic Sequential numbering is only found in shopVOX Pro, more details on n…

Lila Carsten
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Setup Xero accounting integration

This guide explains how to setup and connect your Xero accounting software with shopVOX. Once setup, you’ll be able to push invoices and payments to Xero to eliminate double data entry. Xero Setup. S…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 2 years ago by Aaron Aldrich

Common QB Questions

Q: For new invoices, will the status automatically be changed to "posted" after being synced or will that have to be done manually in shopVOX? A: Yes, once you send invoices to QuickBooks from shopVO…

Arun Kanagala
Updated 2 years ago by Arun Kanagala

shopVOX Setup of Tax Codes for Quickbooks Canada Desktop/Online

shopVOX now supports sync of Invoices/Payments to QB Desktop/Online for Canadian versions. The setup for QB USA is known so this document describes what needs to be done for Quickbooks Canada. This a…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 2 years ago by Aaron Aldrich

How to Connect to Quickbooks Online using the Setup Wizard

Our Setup Wizard makes your shopVOX to QuickBooks Online integration easy! This article will show you how to create the link between your Quickbooks account and your shopVOX account. First, you will…

Lila Carsten
Updated 1 year ago by Lila Carsten

How to Connect to Quickbooks Desktop version using the Setup Wizard

This article will teach you how to setup the sync for your invoices, payment, credit memos and purchase orders to your Quickbooks Desktop account. This will give you a full picture of all your sales, accounts rece…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 1 year ago by Aaron Aldrich