Setting up your Job Board account

How to connect Quickbooks Online to the Job Board version

Welcome to Job Board version of shopVOX! This is a step by step guide to connect your Quickbooks online account to shopVOX. This will allow you to be able to sync transactions as jobs directly into s…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 1 year ago by Aaron Aldrich

Launch jobs from Orders - Job board version

You have successfully synced your Quickbooks account to shopVOX and you are ready to start launching them to the Job board. Now what? This video will cover starting from a New order synced from Quick…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 1 year ago by Aaron Aldrich

Job Board Only version Vs Pro version

Please refer to " Pricing plans for any custom workflow, shop or business. " on our website for the feature comparison. This will have the most up to date information and pricing for both versions.

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 9 months ago by Aaron Aldrich

How do I upgrade to PRO?

Great! You want to upgrade to our PRO version - here's how. So you want to take your shop to the next level and have outgrown the Express Job board version? You will need to click the sign up link HE…

Michael Riley
Updated 9 months ago by Michael Riley