Create your first Pricing Template - a visual guide

Pricing Templates. In all aspects templates are the spice of life to your products. They allow you to augment a set price or completely generate the price themselves for the product. They are quite a…

Aaron Aldrich
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What is a product?

Product pricing overview. As a new user of shopVOX you'll want to not only set up users and the basic shop information you'll need to set up pricing aspects as well. In order to do that you should id…

Aaron Aldrich
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shopVOX Pricing Templates

Pricing Templates in shopVOX. “Pricing Template” is where you can add extra components of pricing formula to either Basic, Formula or Grid which come together to create a custom formula to determine…

Aaron Aldrich
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Building a Product: The Basics of Using Pricing Templates

Learn step-by-step how a pricing template works, and how you can use it to customize your product..

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